Your Dreams are Bigger than you Think

8 years ago a dream was born. We carefully and methodically crafted our vision. We set our intention, we worked hard, saved and saved some more.  And now 8 years and 2 kids… Continue reading

Don’t Hurt The Spider TreeĀ 

On our latest adventure, we stumbled upon something that was quite a spectical.  In the midst of miles and miles of sand there stood a tree that was worn, twisted, and beautiful. It’s… Continue reading


“I don’t have time”… We all say it. It is one of the most common excuses we use. When we can’t get something done it’s usually in our minds… Because we don’t have… Continue reading

Let’s do THAT Again

I learn 95% of life’s most important lessons from my children. They are far wiser than any adult I know of. They amaze me. The most recent lesson happened today. We have made… Continue reading

Using Passion to Create True Bliss

Lately I’ve been thinking in depth about what I’m passionate about. One of my favorite quotes keeps running through my head….  “The things that you are passionate about are not random, they are… Continue reading

Thank you 2015

In celebration of 2015 I look back over the year and realize the magnitude of what the year was all about for me. 2015 was a year of growth, change, and fast paced… Continue reading

Create True Bliss in 2015

Happy New Year! I always love the first month of the year because it seems to bring an abrupt Halt that jars us into action. After looking back and seeing what we did… Continue reading

Perfect Gifts for the Fitness Junkie

Need a gift for that person in your life who is all about fitness? Here are the top things on every fitness junkie’s Christmas list. 1- Six Pack Fitness Cooler- this is a… Continue reading

Gifts fit for a Princess

1- Disney Animators collector dolls- sale $15 reg $25. These dolls are adorable. Perfect size 16″. They have every Disney princess and including Frozen. They even have Krostoff from Frozen. 2-Disney Fairies… Continue reading

Gifts for Creativity (Kids Edition)

Want to inspire creativity for the kids on your life? These are great gift options to support creativity…. This is for kids ages 8-13 1- Crayola Virtual Designer Pro- Fashion edition $32 –… Continue reading